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Our Products
  • Slim Lemon Drink - satiety supplement , sugar blocker , dietary fiber diet , weight loss
    Slim Lemon Drink Slim lemon pre-meal formulas double-block carbs' conversion to fat inside the body. READ MORE +
  • Synergy Diet - meal replacement , soy peptide , weight loss ,
    Synergy Diet Lunasin is a newly researched soy peptide that among cardiovascular and antioxidant benefits, also has research concerning weight loss. READ MORE +
  • Black Maca Drink - maca , sexual enhancement , male hormone improvement
    Black Maca Drink This concoction is designed to provide everyone a boost in energy, but also contains ingredients known to benefit male sexual functions. READ MORE +
  • Beauty Sleep Drink - GABA, lunasin,
    Beauty Sleep Drink Beauty Sleep contains ingredients that naturally help induce calm and restfulness inside your body, as well as anti-imflammatory ingredients that help put your body back in its intented form. READ MORE +
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